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8 Simple Ways To Thank Your Team

Holidays are a good time as any to say thanks to our family, friends and loved ones. But also to your team members. If you are in charge of supervising a talented group, let your team know you appreciate them and you’ll have motivated co-workers, better results and a great work environment. Just as you can tell them when something is wrong, never forget to constantly say thanks for their work.  There’s a lot of ways to that you can thank the people that help you reach your goals at work. Here are some ideas!

Write A Note

With technology, handwriting is gaining more and more value. You need to make a time to sit down, think and write something. It doesn’t need to be a long message, just express how thankful you are.

  • Give them a personal message on a sticky note.
  • Write a message on a Christmas card or Thank You card.
  • Put a banner, write it on a whiteboard, screen or window.

Ask Them What They Want

If you don’t know what you could give them as a reward, ask them!

  • Let them know you want their opinion.
  • Give them something they really want.

Acknowledge Your Team Results And Progress

Don’t wait for the outcome to thank your team. If they are doing a great job towards a final goal, say it! It’s motivating to know that you’re reaching a goal with your daily tasks.

  • Talk to each member about their personal progress and success.
  • Ring a bell when they achieve an objective.
  • Cheer their progress and goals.

Inform Top Management About Your Team’s Work

Recognition is valuable, but to be noticed from the top management is even more valuable.

  • Acknowledge them in a staff meeting.
  • Send a congratulatory email and copy your bosses.

Plan Something Fun

Work doesn’t need to be boring and stressful.

  • Get your team free lunch.
  • Plan a game or an outside activity.
  • Organize a gift exchange.

Small Gifts

You don’t need to give something expensive to make someone feel appreciated.

  • Stock your workplace with some tea, coffee, sodas.
  • Organize small raffles.
  • Celebrate their birthday, give them a piece of cake or balloons.


Money is always well received, we know it. If possible:

  • Give an extra bonus at the end of the year.
  • Put a swear jar and give the money to the best team member of the month.

Just Say It!

Don’t wait to buy or plan something, just say thank you… right now!


8 Simple Ways To Thank Your Team
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